Month: November 2017

Fasting as a healing modality to treat cancer

This video features an interview with Dr. Valter Longo, who is one of the world’s leading researchers in the use of fasting as a healing modality to treat cancer. Although the preventative effects of fasting have been well known in relation to a number of diseases, this particular discussion centres around the use of 24, 48 and 72 hour fasts, which were used in combination with chemotherapy in actual treatment against cancer. (When water fasting is used alone to manage cancer, usually much longer, extended healing fasts are applied.) This is a fascinating issue, which begins to break down the traditional divide between seeking either traditional Western medicine or alternative therapies. Until now, mixing these approaches has seemed counter-productive, if not almost contradictory. This is especially true with regard to chemotherapy, the toxic effects of which have usually complicated alternative approaches such as Gerson therapy and the Breuss cure. My thanks to Margaret Young for drawing my attention to this video.

Telling friends and family about your fast (or not)

Whether or not to tell friends and family you’re fasting can often be a huge dilemma. Just this last week, several visitors to have brought up the subject in some shape or form. It usually goes like this: “I can’t tell anyone I know that I’m fasting. They’ll think that I’m crazy…” Or something like this: “Yesterday my friend gave me some fruit and I didn’t say no, because otherwise I’d have to tell her that I’m fasting…” I can’t possibly give a simple answer about whether you should tell or not tell those around you about your fast, and I don’t believe that there’s a single ‘right’ answer for everyone. In discussing the two examples above, though, I hope you’ll be able to reach the right decision for yourself. Let’s take the first example. It’s true. People really do often think you’re crazy – I know plenty of people, for instance, who think that I’m crazy :-). Why? Because beyond the fact that I probably am a little crazy, fasting forces those around …

Enjoy the gift of food!

I’ll keep this short and sweet :-). If you want to enjoy the gift of food, if you really want to appreciate the taste of every bite you eat, there’s nothing better than a water fast.  It’s only by taking away food for a while that you stop taking it for granted.  It’s only by taking away taste for a while that, afterwards, you can actually taste food for what it is: the most amazing sensory experience! That first glass of orange juice after a fast is the most fulfilling moment.  If, like most people, you’re addicted in some shape or form to food – whether sugar, caffeine, chocolate, salt or flavour enhancers – water fasting helps to put everything in perspective.  It’s a ‘reset button’ to how you experience food.  When you drink that first glass of orange juice, you taste it for what it is, uninfluenced by previous habits and addictions.  It is totally satisfying.  Period.  There’s no need, no desire for anything more.  For the first time, you can appreciate it for …