New webshop with water fasting guides!

I’m very happy to announce that www.waterfasting.org now has a webshop – or let’s call it a “mini” webshop, given the size of it :-). Right now, three downloadable PDF products are available:

  • “Dealing with detox”: how to use natural methods in order to treat a wide range of detox symptoms during a fast of any length. To order or for more information click here!
  • “How to plan, prepare and practise a 3-day water fast”: contains all the information you need to safely and successfully practise a 3-day water fast. To order or for more information click here!
    • “Dealing with detox” (see above)
    • “How to plan, prepare and practise a 3-day water fast” (see above)
    • Also provides the following bonus printouts:
      • Shopping lists and recipes
      • Checklist of essential things to take care of before a water fast
      • Fasting journal
    • If this is your first 3-day water fast, The Complete 3-day water fasting program® will answer all your questions and give you a full framework to fast with confidence. To order or for more information click here!

I’ve enjoyed working on these e-books over the last few months and am proud of the way they’ve turned out. Unfortunately, it’s come at the expense of writing new articles on the website – something I look forward to returning to in the months to come.


3 thoughts on “New webshop with water fasting guides!”

  1. Hey Tallis,

    I love your site and am about to purchase the biggest package you’re offering.

    I’ve got a question for you regarding fasting safety…

    My body fat percentage is naturally VERY low, but I am definitely addicted to sugary foods. No matter how much I eat, I don’t really gain that much weight (unless I do resistance workouts, which I do and have managed to gain about 8 pounds of mass in the last year or so).

    Would it be safe for me to do a 3 day fast if I’ve got low BMI?

    Perhaps the only consequence would be losing muscle mass quicker than other people would?

    I’m 5’7″ and weigh anywhere between 128.9-130.2 pounds.

    1. Hi Jacob,
      Thanks for writing, and glad you like the website :-).

      You certainly don’t have a lot of extra weight to lose, but a 3 day fast should be absolutely fine. You’ll probably find that you temporarily lose up to about 5 pounds, almost half of which is simply the result of an empty digestive system. You may find that it takes up to about a week to regain the remaining 3 pounds. Because of the higher levels of human growth hormone after a fast, though, it should be easier to put the weight back on than otherwise. The growth hormone also helps you to regain any lost muscle more quickly than usual. In addition, digestion tends to become more efficient after a fast, so that you’ll draw more calories out of the same quantity of food.

      All the best, and thanks for your purchase, Tallis

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