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Physical and spiritual cleansing: from fear to love

Does the thought of water fasting frighten you?

It’s completely natural to feel fear before and even during your first few water fasts.  After all, unlike our ancestors, you’ve probably never gone without food for more than a few hours, let alone a few days.  Food is comfort.  Food is pleasure.  And yes, food is addiction.  Taking away food means taking away your emotional foundation.  It means living on your own two feet, without anything to lean on.

Is it worth it?

Absolutely!  Water fasting causes the deepest cleansing both physically to your body, as well as spiritually to your consciousness.  Nothing else can heal every cell of your being to the same degree.

This isn’t always an easy process to begin with.  Just as the emotional tension of everyday life creates tension and pain in the physical body, the opposite also happens – and so the physical detoxification of a water fast can also catalyze an emotional detoxification, especially during your first few water fasts.  What does this mean?  Just as physical detoxification can create aches and pains in your body as toxins are released and expelled, so the emotional and spiritual detoxification of a water fast can sometimes bring up painful memories and feelings buried deep in the subconscious.

Water fasting offers you the opportunity to free yourself from these long forgotten blocks – blocks which otherwise limit your potential as a human being, as well as taking much of the joy out of life.

The first step is always the hardest, but with a little practice and experience, you’ll look forward to the healing metabolism unlocked by water fasting.  The aches and pains of your first few water fasts will disappear, and instead you’ll experience lightness and energy in your physical body.  Likewise, the emotional ups and downs of your first few water fasts will evolve into a deeper and clearer level of consciousness.  States of being and presence which most people experience only in meditation become completely natural while fasting.

And you’ll experience love.

As you begin to release your physical and emotional blocks, a growing feeling of love is inevitable.  Love for yourself and your body.  Love for the world around you.  Love everywhere.  Normally we’re too blinded by our own little dramas, too locked into our stressed-out, cramped little lives to notice.  But love is and always has been here, within us and around us.  It’s the only thing left when you take everything else away.  By taking away food through water fasting, you catalyze this process.  Not a bad reason to begin, don’t you think?


  1. Aryn says

    I did my first 5-day water fast almost a year ago. Since then, I’ve done short fasts, but mender linger than 36 hours. All this week I’ve been thinking that I need to do another extended fast, but something was holding me back – fear? Not sure. But then I wake up this morning to multiple blog posts from you filling up my inbox. I think it’s God telling me to do it. Get over my fear and do an extended fast again. I will start tomorrow. Thank you for your words that pushed me!

    • Tallis Shivantar says

      Hi Aryn,
      Thanks for sharing. Glad you’ve found the inspiration to do what you already knew in your heart was right :-). At least the onslaught of all those posts helped someone a little!
      All the best,

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