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Self-healing: more powerful than any pill

Water fasting is well known for its ability to heal minor ailments.  I myself have recovered from chronic sinusitis, physical injuries including tendonitis and muscle strains, as well as numerous colds and flus.

But what if I told you that water fasting can even cure the incurable?

The fact is that through the healing metabolism unlocked by water fasting, your body can completely heal from a array of serious illnesses which modern Western medicine considers incurable.  Such diseases include: multiple sclerosis (MS), high blood pressure, asthma, Type II diabetes, digestive disorders such as colitis and Crohn’s disease, certain tumors, skin issues such as psoriasis, coronary artery disease… At best, these illnesses seriously complicate life.  At worst, they are terminal: the direct cause of death.

The approach of the modern health industry is twofold.  Firstly, it fights fire with fire.  Drugs aim to manipulate your metabolism, suppressing the symptoms of illness, or to poison out the disease from your body.  Secondly, surgery aims to physically extract the offending element.  These two basic approaches totally fail to take into account the cause of disease.  It’s no surprise, therefore, that so many serious illnesses consequently recur or are simply written off as incurable.

Furthermore, no matter how you look at it, all drugs are poison.  This is the reason that only doctors are allowed to prescribe such ‘medicine’ in the first place!  Any poison running through your system is going to detrimentally affect the system as a whole, not just impact on the specific area affected by disease.  The stronger the poison, the stronger the side-effect to your body as a whole.  How can you truly heal – a word related etymologically to the word whole – when your body as a whole is being poisoned?  How can you heal when, medically, the illness afflicting you isn’t considered in relation to your body as a whole?

I don’t want to write off modern medicine entirely.  In my view, it has its place, especially in managing critically acute situations.  Allowing the body to heal naturally often takes more time than prescription poisons or the knife of surgery.  Personally, I believe that the quick, showy results of modern medicine are the reason for its societal and economic success in the first place, over the last 150 years.  When it comes to dealing with chronic conditions, though, this approach so often fails, plain and simple.

In order to heal from the illnesses listed above, a prolonged healing fast lasting from 14 to 40 days is usually necessary (the approximate length of which usually depends on the specific disease).  During such a fast, your body’s first priority is often to detox any prescription poisons you’ve been taking – because the powerful drugs used to treat serious illness themselves constitute a toxic load to the body.  As these clear out, as the healing metabolism achieved through ketosis deepens, your body’s energy becomes more fully devoted to addressing the illness itself.

While water fasting can never offer a ‘magic pill’, guaranteeing a complete recovery in 100% of the cases 100% of the time, it nevertheless offers realistic hope where otherwise there is none.  And even when complete healing does not occur, water fasting often leads to a significant long-term reduction of symptoms – especially when combined with appropriate nutrition afterwards.

How ironic that I should have to tell you always to ‘consult your doctor’ before undertaking a healing fast.  Still, it’s better than being sued by the big brothers of Big Pharma :-).


  1. Franco Catucci says

    Tallis , i was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, osteoarthritis and pulmonary fibrosis and a sleep disorder by my rheumatologist he prescribed me with humira injections i give myself 2 injections a month with this biologic medication to suppress symptoms. I been taking humira injections now for about 4 months . What would you recommend for a length of fast ??? I wish there was a fasting center here in the city i live in. Have you helped anyone with this diagnosis ? And how was the outcome for this person ? And were they completely healed by water fasting by unlocking the healing metabolism that we pose in our own bodies.. thank you !

    • Tallis Shivantar says

      Hi Franco,
      As always, I have to say that it would be irresponsible for me to comment here on the specifics of individual medical cases on a public forum. All I can say is that, in general, arthritis does often respond to fasting – although (in general) rheumatoid arthritis tends to heal more quickly than osteoarthritis. Fasting can also help to heal the scarring associated with the build up of fibrotic tissue, but there are never any guarantees. In general, both arthritis and especially fibrosis will respond best to a long fast, but I want to make it clear that I’m talking about generalities here and not the specifics of your case.

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