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Summer retreat: Denmark

10-day retreat centred around a 7-day water fast:

DATE: August (dates to be announced)
LOCATION: Stege, Denmark (400 metres from the beach, 1.5 hrs. from Copenhagen)
PRICE: 750 EUR / 5500 DKK / 640 GBP (see below for details)

Enquiries and registration: see application form below

Du finder information på dansk ved at trykke her

— If you are unable to attend but would like to organise your own fasting retreat for me to lead (in either Europe or the USA), please contact me using the application form below.

summer retreat denmark anahata 1

Beech woods next to the beach…

About this retreat:

summer retreat denmark anahata 3

Our accommodation for the retreat

Situated just 400 metres from the Baltic Sea, our retreat centre offers a beautiful and peaceful setting: a converted farm completely surrounded by gently rolling countryside. A quiet, sandy beach awaits at literally the end of the nearest field. During the fast we shall be drinking high-quality Grander® filtered water.

Day 1 (Friday), pre-fast:

After arriving (5-6pm), participants will share a “last supper” before the water fast itself begins. This will be an opportunity to bid a conscious farewell to food for a week, as well as to examine how everyone feels about this.

Days 2 – 8 (Saturday – Friday), 7-day fast:

summer retreat denmark anahata 7

The ‘dome’ will provide a space for daily sharings and yoga

Each day consists of a combination of loosely structured and free time. All programs are optional except for the daily group sharings, when we sit in a circle and check in with each other about how things are going. This is an opportunity to share how you feel, whether physically or emotionally. There’s no need to talk if you don’t feel like it, but you do need to be present so that we can all look out for each other.

This is one of the huge strengths of a fasting retreat: you’re not alone. You’re in the same boat as your fasting brothers and sisters.

We all help each other along, and by the end of the retreat deep friendships have often begun to evolve.

summer retreat denmark anahata 11

One of the bedrooms

Beyond the daily sharings, optional programs are offered through each day, including:

— Gentle yoga/stretching (twice per day)
— Group discussion: sharing experiences (twice per day)
— Daily walks in nature
— Lectures on fasting and detox
— Meditation
— Support for anyone who is having a hard time 🙂

For anyone interested, there will also be opportunities to practise:

— Shanka prakshalana (yogic intestinal wash)
Dry fasting
— Sauna

Days 9 – 10 (Saturday – Sunday), post-fast:

summer retreat denmark anahata 4

View from the house towards the sea

One of the hardest parts of any fast is the refeeding period following the fast itself. It’s so easy to get it wrong, either by eating the wrong foods or by by uncontrollable binge eating! After breaking the 7-day water fast on Saturday morning, we will have the best part of two days together to get it right! During this time, there will be opportunities to:

— Discuss strategies about how to continue the path back to normal eating after the retreat ends
— Prepare for the return back to everyday life and society

During this period, we’ll be gently stimulating the digestive system back to life through the most appropriate smoothies and solid foods. By the end of the retreat, you should be perfectly capable of returning home without any digestive problems.


summer retreat denmark anahata 5

The veranda opens on to the garden, with fields beyond

If you are interested in exploring your limits, your fears and addictions, if you want to come to a deeper understanding about who you are, and if you have some prior experience in fasting, then you can learn a lot from this retreat.  I myself have extensive experience with up to 21-day water fasts, as well as 5-day dry fasts (no food, no drink), and would like to pass my own knowledge on to you.

About 7-day water fasts in general:

summer retreat denmark anahata 9

The main room of the house

Experience with 7-day water fasts is essential for anyone interested in attaining a deep level of cleansing. For most people, an annual 7-day water fast should be enough to maintain health into old age (in combination with a healthy lifestyle). For those with deeper health issues, water fasting can be used as an effective healing modality, and 7-day fasts provide powerful momentum in this direction. (More information here.)

Prerequisites for and further information about this retreat:

summer retreat denmark anahata 2— Prerequisite: prior experience of at least one 36-hour water fast. If you can manage this, then you’ll be able to manage a 7-day fast too – even if it seems like a challenge at first :-).
— Please note that this retreat is not medically supervised. There will not be a doctor on-site. Anyone with a medical condition who is considering this retreat should discuss this with their healthcare professional. (Please feel free to discuss it with me as well, using the registration form below.)


After applying using the form below, I will reply and send a link for payment via credit card / PayPal. Participation in the retreat is secured once payment has been received. Once received, payment is final and non-refundable.

Price includes accommodation (double room), participation in all activities during the retreat, organic food before and after the fast, and VAT.

To sign up or ask questions:

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