water fasting programs and coaching
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Online personal consultations and fasting guidance

In addition to the general advice offered here on this website, I also offer more private and personalised online support as a fasting guide.*

If it’s one thing I’ve learnt in guiding people through their fasts, it’s that the emotional security provided by working with a coach makes the experience of fasting much, much easier. That security even tends to decrease the severity of detox symptoms – and when they do occur, I can help you find the most appropriate ways to relieve them. If you have any doubts about your own fast, I’m here to help you: whether it’s your first 3-day water fast or an extended healing fast.

I offer the following online services:

    • (1) internet video or phone call before the beginning of the fast (@1 hour)
    • (2) unlimited e-mail / chat contact for the full duration of the fast
    • (3)Ā follow-up video chat at the end of the fast / refeeding process (@30 min.)
    • PRICES:
      • 3-day fast: 100 USD / 70 GBP
      • 7-day fast: 140 USD / 100 GBP
      • 10-day fast: 170 USD / 120 GBP
      • 14-day fast: 210 USD / 150 GBP
      • 21-day fast: 250 USD / 180 GBP
      • Other lengths of fast: prices to be agreed
  • SINGLE CONSULTATION via VIDEO CALL (70 USD / 50 GBP): suitable for general advice about fasting or the planning of a specific fast and/or diet plan. Price includes an internet video or phone call (60+ minutes), plus follow-up emails relating to the given issue.
    • A single consultation is also the place to start if you’d like full coaching, but aren’t sure how long you want to fast. In this case, our video call will help you decide. Afterwards, you can convert to full coaching by simply paying the difference in fees for whichever length of fast you choose.

In order to set up a consultation:

  1. Please fill out the CONTACT FORM below
  2. I will reply by email in order to set up a time for a video chat (usually within 24 hrs)
  3. Follow the instructions regarding payment by credit card or PayPal

*Please note: I am not a medical doctor and do not offer medical supervision for any fast. I encourage those with medical issues to seek advice from a qualified M.D., in parallel with my own knowledge and experience as a fasting guide.

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