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Working out and exercise during a water fast: is it safe?

A lot of people who ordinarily work out or exercise in everyday life are tempted to continue doing so while water fasting. Usually the reasons revolve around maintaining fitness and the fear of losing muscle mass. But is it wise to continue exercising after your body has exhausted its glycogen stores? Like it or not, there are potential dangers in doing so. This video takes a look at what is safe, what is not, and why.

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  1. silvia kirk says

    The video is really interesting. Thank you.

    Quick question, do you know is water fasting is good for someone without a gallbladder? I’ve done a 3day fast but not longer and would like to increase that to 7, then 14 and possibly 21days.

    • Tallis Shivantar says

      Hi Silvia,
      Thanks for writing, and glad you like the video. Fasting without a gallbladder shouldn’t be a problem, considering that its main function is to act as a container for bile. In the early days of a fast, the liver often secretes more bile than usual before reducing production and eventually switching off almost entirely.

      My advice, therefore, would be to precede your fast with a low-fat diet, in order to reduce the amount of bile secreted in the days leading up to the start of your fast. Another possibility might be (also) to try a liver cleanse or citrus diet beforehand. By lowering fat intake before the fast, you’ll maximise the chances of keeping bile production down (and any related symptoms such as acid reflux) in the early days of your fast. If you get past this stage, it should be clear sailing ahead afterwards.

      All the best,

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