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21 day water fast: introduction

Exactly three years ago, I began a journey into what I can only describe as one of the special events of my life: a 21-day water fast. Even now, it remains as fresh and vivid in my memory as if it were yesterday…

I documented my experiences in a journal, something I’ll be reproducing here in daily posts over the next three weeks. I don’t suggest that this is how a 21-day water fast ‘should’ develop, for every fast is unique, with its own ‘personality’. I’m quite sure that if I were to do another extended fast today, it would feel quite different.

I also made this little introductory video:

Made on the penultimate day of the fast, the video shows how much the fast had taken out of me. Over the last three years, subsequent fasts have impacted on me quite differently on a physical level, and I’ve tended to remain much stronger, with higher energy levels throughout. Instead, fasting has usually led me to deeper places emotionally and spiritually. This isn’t too surprising, as it’s necessary to cleanse the outer physical ‘shell’ of our being before we can really see what lies deeper within. Looking at it like this, the 21-day water fast documented here really was a turning point in my life.


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