5-day water fast (day 1)

(Originally posted Dec. 2014) Yesterday I bid farewell to food… It wasn’t anything ceremonious or even anything planned, but at lunch I noticed myself saying goodbye to the food I was eating: “this is the last lunch for the next five days…” And then again at dinner, a final feeling of farewell to food: my last meal of any kind for the next five days. I’ve been water-fasting for the last five years or so, usually once or (more recently) twice a year. A water fast means not taking any calories into your body for the duration of the fast: drinking only water or, at most, an occasional herbal tea. It’s a wonderful way to detoxify the body and appreciate food for what it really is, starting on a “clean slate” at the end of it: freer from the usual addictions to food we all suffer from, as well as from the addiction to eating itself. The day before a water fast I’m always filled with feelings of both excitement and trepidation. It’s like standing … Continue reading 5-day water fast (day 1)