5-day water fast (day 2)

8.00am: I’m running on ketosis already, burning energy released directly from fat cells.  I could feel the process beginning late afternoon yesterday, because there’s a special state of consciousness which goes along with this.  You feel a little light-headed, but everything you look at feels alive and special.  It’s a clearer, deeper state of being.  I took our dog out for a walk last night, and all the lights were alive.  Traffic lights, Christmas lights, traffic lights, the clouds in the sky, illuminated by all the light from the city… The interesting thing is how quickly the change towards ketosis began to occur: while there was still glycogen (see yesterday’s post) left in the liver.  I think that the moment I missed lunch yesterday, my body knew what was going on and it responded.  Not like my first couple of water fasts!  Then my body was completely clueless.  It took at least 3 days to get ketosis running decently, and in the meantime my body had to devour muscle for energy.  I felt pretty lousy … Continue reading 5-day water fast (day 2)