5-day water fast (day 4)

This is the last full day of my fast, since the fifth full day actually ends tomorrow at dinner time.  I find myself looking forward to cooking dinner tomorrow and getting back to normal again.  It’s like the opposite of what happened before the fast, in saying goodbye to food before the actual fast.  Now it’s a funny combination of the clarity of consciousness while on a fast, and yet with the frequent pull away from being here and now by thinking about the menu… 2.00pm: The day started a little slower than yesterday.  In the end, I think yesterday’s activity did tire me out a little.  But I can’t complain.  In earlier fasts, I always paid the price for too much exertion: tiredness through the whole next day, probably with muscle aches too.  Last night, I did have trouble controlling my body temperature, and felt cold – something which I’ve often experienced in the past during fasts.  I also woke up with low blood pressure and a feeling of weakness in the legs.  My … Continue reading 5-day water fast (day 4)