5-day water fast (day 5)

Let’s talk about food! The transition out of a fast is at least as important as the transition into a fast.  Once your stomach and digestive system have been asleep for a few days, you can’t just immediately pack it full with a deluxe pizza – no matter how attractive the thought of a good meal!  I made the mistake of doing exactly this after my first 7-day water fast.  I suffered with that pizza in my stomach for the next two or three days… You need time to wake your digestive system up again, otherwise you’ll just overload it.  This means being careful in both what you eat and how much you eat.  The best thing is to follow your appetite.  It could easily take a week for things to return to normal. So what’s my plan for transitioning back at the end of this fast, this evening?  I’m going to try no transition at all.  Sounds stupid, I know, but if my system can switch off so easily (as it’s done the last … Continue reading 5-day water fast (day 5)