5-day water fast (day 6)

It worked!  I’m talking less about finishing the five-day fast itself (this isn’t such a big challenge for me any more), than about my experiment with no transition back to normal eating afterwards.  I ate lots last night, not only the mung beans and rice, but also about 100 grams of nuts too, as well as a huge salad :-).  Digestion is already working fine.  The first food I had was at lunchtime: just 200ml of carrot juice and a couple of teaspoons of tahini and hempseed butter.  I hoped this would send a physical message to my digestive system to prepare for a proper meal in the evening.  After that I ate nothing until dinner.  Along with trying to consciously tell my digestive system to wake up through yesterday afternoon, it seems to have worked. I don’t recommend this to anyone without a lot of fasting experience and self-knowledge of their body.  Otherwise, it’s always best to start eating again with little portions of easily digestible food, like fruit or cooked vegetables.  And before … Continue reading 5-day water fast (day 6)