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Complete a 3-day water fast with video support

This video + pdf bundle provides you with all you need to know in order to safely, successfully and smoothly carry out your first 3-day water fast. If you already have a little experience, there are plenty of additional tips to help you go deeper into water fasting.

What you get:

  • 7 support videos
    (2+ hours viewing time):
    • covering each day of the fast (3 videos)
    • preparing you in the week before the fast begins (2 videos)
    • helping you break the fast and return to eating (2 videos)

  • 100 page ebook (pdf):
    How to plan, prepare and practise a 3-day water fast

  • 30-page pdf:
    Dealing with detox symptoms while fasting

  • Bonus printouts
    including checklists, recipes and fasting journal

All in all, this bundle provides maximum possible support without actually working one on one with a fasting coach.

Sample pages:

How to plan, prepare and practise a 3-day water fast: CLICK HERE
Dealing with detox symptoms: CLICK HERE

Introductory video:


  1. Denis says

    Hi Your articles have been a big help to me. Your last email though said complete a 30 day water fast and then when you clicked on to read about it it said a three day water fast FYI

    • Tallis Barker, D.Phil. says

      Hi Denis,
      Thanks for the alert, and sorry about that! My web designer accidentally published the post before I’d had a chance to proof it.

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