Exactly what is water fasting?

The water fast is beautiful in its simplicity.  You drink water and only water for the duration of the fast.  No food.  No juices.  No calories.  Simply water, allowing the miraculous metabolism of your body to cleanse, detoxify, heal on the deepest physical and spiritual level.  It’s something we as human organisms are designed to do.  It’s something we need to do in order to maximize health through our lives.  However, in our modern age of plentiful food and pharmaceutical drugs we’ve forgotten this ancient practice.  It’s too easy just to pop a pill and try to continue with life.  And yet the rates of cancer and other chronic diseases have never been higher…

It’s time to wake up, remember our roots and heal.

Does the thought of denying yourself all food frighten you?  It’s okay, it’s only natural.  Water fasting works equally on your fears and your ego as much as it does physically on your body.  But trust me, the first step is the hardest.  With a little practice and experience, water fasting actually becomes a joy, something done out of love for your body and soul (more info here).

Yes, something you do out of love not fear

Helping people make that first step is one of the reasons I hold water-fasting retreats.  Stepping out of your everyday life for a few days can help you to drop your usual worries, leaving you free to focus on the changes taking place inside your body and mind.  Don’t you deserve that?  Equally important, you can find support from spending your first few fasts in the company of people who are all in the same boat together.  The safe and quiet environment of a retreat also removes the temptation of food everywhere around you…

The water fast is not a juice fast.  It is much more powerful in every respect, because only by fully denying your body any calories can you fully unlock the human body’s healing metabolism.  This is discussed more fully in the articles on the 36-hour water fast and the 3-day water fast.

Water fasts of different duration serve different purposes, both physically and spiritually.  Each length of fast also requires its own kind of preparation beforehand, as well as transitioning back to normal eating afterwards.  You can find these different types of water fast listed here, as well as other practices designed to deepen your experience of water fasting.

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