Andy W.

I have just completed a 10 day water fast with Tallis coaching me online and I can only recommend it.

He coached me from the beginning with the appropriate diet and mindset before entering the fast and the initial consultation was very deep and insightful – I could imagine that he is a good life coach as well. During the fast we kept in touch and he was very responsive – he supported me with any struggles that I had, be it from detox or mentally, and he was very flexible on the approach when I added a few dry fasting days and extended the originally planned 7 day fast to 10 days. This continued throughout the re-feeding process and he got me out of the fast safely – I had no digestive problems at all.

If you are medically able, I recommend anyone to do a fast. It frees you up from addictions if you allow this to happen, and it detoxes your body and mind. I would also recommend a dry fast, as you should detox even deeper and the cell regeneration is meant to be more powerful.

My chronic Tinnitus symptoms have reduced after the fast and I am dry fasting every week for 2.5-3 days until it is healed. I am doing this on my own without Tallis, but having had him as a coach has given me the confidence and knowledge to do so.