Online personal consultations and fasting guidance

In addition to the general advice offered here on this website, I also offer more private and personalised online support as a fasting guide.*

If it’s one thing I’ve learnt in guiding people through their fasts, it’s that the emotional security provided by working with a coach makes the experience of fasting much, much easier. That security even tends to decrease the severity of detox symptoms – and when they do occur, I can help you find the most appropriate ways to relieve them. If you have any doubts about your own fast, I’m here to help you: whether it’s your first 3-day water fast or an extended healing fast.

I offer the following online services:

    • (1) internet video or phone call before the beginning of the fast (@1 hour)
    • (2) unlimited e-mail / chat contact for the full duration of the fast
    • (3) follow-up video chat at the end of the fast / refeeding process (@30 min.)
    • PRICES:
      • 3-day fast: 100 USD / 70 GBP
      • 7-day fast: 140 USD / 100 GBP
      • 10-day fast: 170 USD / 120 GBP
      • 14-day fast: 210 USD / 150 GBP
      • 21-day fast: 250 USD / 180 GBP
      • Other lengths of fast: prices to be agreed
  • SINGLE CONSULTATION via VIDEO CALL (70 USD / 50 GBP): suitable for general advice about fasting or the planning of a specific fast and/or diet plan. Price includes an internet video or phone call (60+ minutes), plus follow-up emails relating to the given issue.
    • A single consultation is also the place to start if you’d like full coaching, but aren’t sure how long you want to fast. In this case, our video call will help you decide. Afterwards, you can convert to full coaching by simply paying the difference in fees for whichever length of fast you choose.

In order to set up a consultation:

  1. Please fill out the CONTACT FORM below
  2. I will reply by email in order to set up a time for a video chat (usually within 24 hrs)
  3. Follow the instructions regarding payment by credit card or PayPal

*Please note: I am not a medical doctor and do not offer medical supervision for any fast. I encourage those with medical issues to seek advice from a qualified M.D., in parallel with my own knowledge and experience as a fasting guide.


  1. Andy says

    I have just completed a 10 day water fast with Tallis coaching me online and I can only recommend it.

    He coached me from the beginning with the appropriate diet and mindset before entering the fast and the initial consultation was very deep and insightful – I could imagine that he is a good life coach as well. During the fast we kept in touch and he was very responsive – he supported me with any struggles that I had, being it from detox or mentally and he was very flexible on the approach when I added a few dry fasting days and extended the originally planned 7 day fast to 10 days. This continued throughout the re-feeding process and he got me out of the fast safely – I had no digestive problems at all.
    If you are medically able, I recommend anyone to do a fast. It frees you up from addictions if you allow this to happen and detoxes your body and mind. I would also recommend a dry fast, as you should detox even deeper and the cell regeneration is meant to be more powerful.

    My chronical symptom Tinnitus has reduced after the fast and I am dry fasting every week for 2.5-3 days until it is healed. I am doing this on my own without Tallis, but having had him as a coach has given me the confidence and knowledge to do so.

  2. sungho says

    I worked with Tallis on a 3 day water fast. I had been struggling with several conditions that even Harvard Medical doctors had no idea how to help or cure. My main issue was that I had awful pain every, single time I ate. My mood was also terrible and I was exhausted all the time. To be honest, I was skeptical working with Tallis would help. After all, I had been just about every type of doctor trying to find relief for my suffering.

    Firstly, I was surprised to find that Tallis was incredibly knowledgable. I never had to explain any of my medical conditions, which is rare, even when working with medical professionals. He was also kind and patient. I had a long list of concerns but he took time to address all of them. Because he was there to answer every concern, I always felt reassured and safe. Even though the support was online, there was never at time I didn’t feel fully supported by Tallis.

    With the help of Tallis, I successfully completed my first 3 day fast. I had attempted to do water fasting on my own before, but never made it past 36 hours. I know I could not have done it without Tallis’s support.

    After the 3 day fast, I felt an improvement in my mood. I was filled with a sense of deep gratitude. I felt a sense of inner strength and empowerment. I also noticed my allergy symptoms were reduced and I had less pain after eating. Tallis inspired me to continue fasting and, since then, I have gone to finish a 45 day juice fast. I am still healing, but I am happy to report that I no longer have pain when I eat.

    I highly recommend Tallis’s online coaching. While you could do a water fast on your own, I can assure you that you your fast will go so much smoothly having a knowledgable and kind coach by your side. I am grateful to have met Tallis on my path to health and recovery.

  3. Zach says

    I recently worked with Tallis on a 10 day water fast. Prior to this fast, my only experience with fasting was a handful of juice fasts, the longest being 6 days. I was motivated to try water fasting due to a benign brain tumor that regrew recently after having it removed surgically several years ago. There are many reports of tumors shrinking or disappearing after a water fast, so I decided to try this route before jumping into surgery again.

    Prior to this fast, I spent 4 weeks eating a raw vegan diet. I think this helped reduce detox symptoms during the fast.

    Once the fast began, Tallis spent as much time as I needed answering questions over Skype. His depth of knowledge about water fasting is incredible! He also gave me a few ideas of what to expect and things to watch out for. Had it not been for his advice at the beginning of the fast, there would have been times the first couple of days that I believe I would have experienced some serious anxiety due to what was going on in my body. However, thanks to his wise guidance, I knew what my body was doing was part of the fasting process, and I was able to relax and let the intelligence of my body do its work.

    Throughout the fast, Tallis was in touch with me daily via email. There were times when it was like he was reading my thoughts . He would answer questions before I would even ask them, knowing what would be coming next for me. It was always reassuring to know I had someone to go to with any questions or concerns during these 10 days.

    By the end of the fast, I had lost roughly 16 pounds. A mole on my arm almost completely disappeared, and one on my shoulder shrank to half its size before the fast. Within a week or so I had gained back half of the weight I lost and felt amazing. Food tasted incredible and my energy level was through the roof.

    As for the tumor, I had an MRI scheduled a couple weeks after I ended the fast. The results were compared to an MRI I had 11 months prior. The findings were that the tumor had not grown, which was great news. There is no way to know for sure if the tumor had grown and the fast reduced its size, but I do know the fast had many positive effects on me, physically and mentally. I am now planning to work with Tallis again on another water fast to see if the tumor will shrink over the coming months.

    I cannot express enough gratitude for the assistance and guidance Tallis provided through my fast. There is no way I would have been able to meet my 10 day goal without his support. If you are planning a water fast, I would highly recommend working with Tallis to support and guide you through the process.

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