Autumn retreat: harvest-time grape monodiet and introduction to water fasting

Date: 6th – 9th October 2017 (Friday 5pm – Monday 1pm).
Location: Vászoly, Balaton felvidék (Hungary).
Price: 50,000 HUF / 55,000 HUF (see below), additional 10% discount to couples.
Maximum number of participants: 12.

Four day / three night retreat centred around a grape monodiet and 36-hour water fast.

Goals of the retreat:
– to feel the energy and lightness of a grape monodiet.
– to experience what it means to live through and perhaps even enjoy 36 hours without food.
– to gain the confidence necessary to undertake longer fasts, such as a three-day water fast, in which deeper detox and other health benefits can take place.
– to help develop healthier eating habits in everyday life.

This retreat is designed as an introduction to water fasting.  No prior experience of any kind of fasting is necessary.  The aim is not to deprive yourself through a lack of food, but rather to feel that fasting is an opportunity to love your body.  Giving your body the chance to detoxify and cleanse itself through a monodiet / water fast is a wonderful way to express this love!  In return your body will love you back :-).

More information here about the one-day (36-hour) water fast and the three-day water fast.

In addition to the fast itself, there will be numerous optional activities through the day, including:
— walks in nature
— a daily run through the forest for anyone with extra energy 🙂
— yoga and meditation
— talks on diet, fasting and cleansing
— sharing of experiences and feelings through the length of the fast
— overcoming fears about fasting
— games for self-discovery and further outdoor activities (weather permitting)

We are fortunate to be staying in an ideal location for fasting: in a quiet valley, approximately a kilometre away from the nearest village, directly on the edge of the forest, with a stream running through the property.  There are several local springs within easy walking distance.

Timetable and menu:

Week before the retreat: meeting to prepare the participants.

Day 1 (Friday evening):
— Arrival: 4-5pm
— “The last supper”: goodbye to solid food (simple vegetarian meal)

Day 2 (Saturday):
— Grape monodiet

Day 3 (Sunday):
— Water fast (until breakfast Monday)
— We will drink fresh spring water from local sources

Day 4 (Monday):
— Breakfast: fresh orange juice and grapes
— Lunch: return to normal eating (vegetarian meal)
— Departure: 1pm

Price: 48,000 HUF (to be paid in full by 31 July, 2016) / 53,000 HUF (from 1 August, 2016), additional 10% discount for couples.
Participation is secured through a non-refundable deposit of 20,000 ft
Price includes accommodation (double room with en suite bathroom), organic food, tuition, VAT and IFA

Registration and questions:

Photos of the location:

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  1. Do you still have spaces for your upcoming October Retreat

    1. Hi Anne, unfortunately there are no free places left, but thanks for asking.

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