Articles about water fasting

Exactly what is water fasting?

The water fast is beautiful in its simplicity.  You drink water and only water for the duration of the fast.  No food.  No juices.  No calories.  Simply water, allowing the miraculous metabolism of your body to cleanse, detoxify, heal on the deepest physical and spiritual level.  It’s something we as human organisms are designed to… Continue reading Exactly what is water fasting?

The one-day (36-hour) water fast

Most people in the modern world have never gone 24 hours without eating.  You too?  If so, the one-day (36-hour) water fast is the perfect way to begin your journey into water fasting. I remember when I did my first one-day water fast.  My plan was to eat dinner, then fast through all of the… Continue reading The one-day (36-hour) water fast

The deepest detox

There are countless diets, techniques and fads designed to help you detox.  Many of these can certainly help, but if you’re really serious about cleansing, the most powerful method is and always has been water fasting (as well as dry fasting). Why?  Because only through sustaining a zero caloric intake can you fully unlock the… Continue reading The deepest detox

The three-day water fast

Of all fasts, the three-day water fast is in many ways the most important.  Three days is the period your body needs to unlock your healing metabolism.  These three days are also the stepping stone required to move on to even longer fasts (such as the 7-10 day water fast and more prolonged fasts), in… Continue reading The three-day water fast

Overcoming addictions

Water fasting is an extremely powerful tool to overcome addictions caused by smoking, drinking and drugs in general, as well as any addictions relating to food, such as sugar, caffeine, chocolate, flavour enhancers…  Unfortunately, the list is almost endless. Addictions are composed of both physical and emotional elements.  Physically, addictive substances cause changes to your… Continue reading Overcoming addictions

The 7-10 day water fast

After you feel comfortable with the three-day water fast and your body can make the switch to ketosis without much fuss (more info here), then it’s time to consider the 7-10 day water fast.  For it’s only after you begin drawing solely on the energy of fat cells that the process of detoxification can kick… Continue reading The 7-10 day water fast

Facing your ego

As important as any physical cleansing, water fasting also challenges you with emotional and spiritual blocks, bringing you face to face with your ego and fears.  In a way, your journey through water fasting mirrors the entire spiritual path: both within each fast, as well as from fast to fast over the years. One of… Continue reading Facing your ego

Extended healing fasts (14-40 days)

Why in the world would you ever want to fast for two weeks or more? If only a tiny percentage of people in the Western world ever undertake a water fast of any kind, then only a tiny percentage of people who water-fast will ever undertake an extended healing fast of 14 days or more. … Continue reading Extended healing fasts (14-40 days)

Physical and spiritual cleansing: from fear to love

Does the thought of water fasting frighten you? It’s completely natural to feel fear before and even during your first few water fasts.  After all, unlike our ancestors, you’ve probably never gone without food for more than a few hours, let alone a few days.  Food is comfort.  Food is pleasure.  And yes, food is… Continue reading Physical and spiritual cleansing: from fear to love

Intermittent fasting

If a one-day water fast feels too frightening, beyond reach, that’s totally okay.  Today in the modern world many people feel the same.  Rather than pushing yourself into something you’re not ready for, intermittent fasting is a less extreme, more easily achievable goal – and it still offers significant health benefits over the long term.… Continue reading Intermittent fasting

A stronger immune system

If you suffer from a weak immune system, water fasting is one of the best things you can do to strengthen it. Likewise, water fasting is one of the oldest and most effective methods to regain health if your immune system is already struggling with an infection such the flu.  In fact, in the days… Continue reading A stronger immune system

Dry fasting

Dry fasting, also known as ‘absolute fasting’, consists of eating and drinking nothing for the duration of the fast.  It’s something you should think of trying only once you have plenty of experience with fasting, and I’d recommend it only after you feel comfortable with 7-10 day water fasts.  But once you have worked through… Continue reading Dry fasting

Self-healing: more powerful than any pill

Water fasting is well known for its ability to heal minor ailments.  I myself have recovered from chronic sinusitis, physical injuries including tendonitis and muscle strains, as well as numerous colds and flus. But what if I told you that water fasting can even cure the incurable? The fact is that through the healing metabolism… Continue reading Self-healing: more powerful than any pill

Intestinal wash as preparation

What on earth does an intestinal wash have to do with water fasting? In one sense, nothing. But… after you get over the shock of it :-), there are certainly good reasons to contemplate such a cleanse before undertaking a water fast, especially in the case of a fast lasting more than a day or… Continue reading Intestinal wash as preparation

Deeper states of consciousness

One of my favourite things to ‘do’ while water fasting is to find a spot in nature and simply sit, doing nothing, just being, staring out into the environment, remaining present and aware. Quickly, I become one with myself and the world around me. Time melts away… The experience of connection gives rise to the… Continue reading Deeper states of consciousness

Juice fasting

If you don’t feel ready to try out water fasting, then juice fasting is a great place to start.  Otherwise known as a “juice diet”, it involves the elimination of solid food from your daily consumption.  In other words, instead of eating and drinking, you only drink. Beyond this single restriction, the possibilities of how… Continue reading Juice fasting

Who am I?

Many spiritual traditions encourage you to ask the question: ‘Who am I?’  Perhaps most famously, Ramana Maharshi taught that this is all you need to do in order to experience your true self and enlightenment.  Just keep asking yourself, honestly, from the depths of your heart, over and over again… Who am I?  Who am… Continue reading Who am I?

Enjoy the gift of food!

I’ll keep this short and sweet :-). If you want to enjoy the gift of food, if you really want to appreciate the taste of every bite you eat, there’s nothing better than a water fast.  It’s only by taking away food for a while that you stop taking it for granted.  It’s only by… Continue reading Enjoy the gift of food!