Dry fasting

Dry fasting, also known as ‘absolute fasting’, consists of eating and drinking nothing for the duration of the fast.  It’s something you should think of trying only once you have plenty of experience with fasting, and I’d recommend it only after you feel comfortable with 7-10 day water fasts.  But once you have worked through the emotional issues with water fasting, once you have significantly detoxed your body physically, dry fasting provides an even more powerful cleanse – both emotionally and physically – than water fasting.  For more information about dry fasting, please visit: www.dryfasting.org

Most likely, you’re reading this and thinking that the whole idea is crazy and dangerous, that detox without flushing water through your system is impossible.  I did too before actually trying it :-).

And the bottom line is: it is potentially dangerous to attempt dry fasting without enough previous experience in fasting!

But don’t throw out the idea just quite yet!  If most people feel fear and reservation about water fasting, then dry fasting invariably provokes an even more extreme emotional response.  We have been conditioned to believe that the human body can survive only a few days without food and only a few hours without water.  This simply is not true.

In every respect, dry fasting is more powerful than water fasting.  In my own experience, as well as that of others who have dry-fasted, you can accomplish the same kind of detox about 2-3 times more quickly than through water fasting.  (It is precisely because of the more powerful detox that you should first lower your level of toxicity through water fasting!)  Given the greater physical challenges, the length of any dry fast should correspondingly last 2-3 times shorter than a water fast.  According to dry-fasting pioneer Dr. Sergei Filonov, the maximum time recommended for any unsupervised dry fast is five days, which in many respects equates with the feel of a two-week water fast.  I would agree – but you shouldn’t even think of attempting five days until you’ve gradually and comfortably worked your way up incrementally from 36-hour dry fasts!

The mechanics of the detox induced by dry fasting is significantly different from what happens during a water fast.  This, as well as dry fasting in general, is covered in the blog posts ‘Dehydration and detox‘, ‘Dry fasting‘ and elsewhere in the blog archives.

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