It’s always possible to try and carry on with life as usual while fasting. The essence of what a water fast is really about, though, is anything but carrying on with life as usual! Instead of eating, you don’t eat. Instead of deriving energy from your usual carbohydrate-based metabolism, you draw on ketosis. Instead of using energy to build new cells and face the challenges of each day, your body’s natural tendency is to turn that energy inwards, towards cleansing and detox. Ultimately, the more energy you use trying to get through the day as usual, the less energy you have available for healing.

This same issue also applies to any fears you might have about fasting. The more energy you spend worrying about not eating, about hunger, about all the things which might go wrong, the less energy you have available for healing.

With both these issues in mind, one of the best ways to get the most out of your fast is to go on retreat. By stepping out of everyday life, by spending your fast in a safe and supportive environment, you’re free to experience your water fast without any distractions. Consequently, you’ll experience the deepest possible healing.


It is an honour and a privilege for me to lead such fasting retreats, guiding people through their journeys of self-discovery, helping to catalyse healing on every level of being: physical, emotional and spiritual.

If you are interested in attending a fasting retreat, the following pages provide further information:

Autumn Retreat 2020: Provides a detailed description of and application form for this year’s retreat. Please note: this retreat tends to fill up well in advance of the actual retreat.

Journal of Spring Retreat 2018: Gives a day-by-day account of what happened on this year’s week-long retreat.