Hello. I’m Dr. Tallis Barker

I’ve successfully guided over 800 clients from across the world (US, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia) through water fasts of 3-40 days. Having regularly fasted for 15 years, I became a water fasting coach after experiencing the deep cleansing and healing in my own body.

Although I coach fasts undertaken for numerous reasons (both physical and spiritual), I specialise in helping people heal from chronic illness such as:

  • Long Covid
  • Gut issues such as IBS, SIBO and ulcerative colitis
  • Autoimmune issues such as allergies, asthma, chronic fatigue (CFS) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA)
  • Hormonal issues such as insulin resistance, adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism
  • Fibroids, ovarian cysts and even cancer
Successfully coached through 3 to 40 day fasts

For people unfamiliar with water fasting, the idea of giving up food can be frightening. But the fact is that homo sapiens have been successfully fasting for millennia.

Many people today practice intermittent fasting as a basic lifestyle, but longer fasts are also possible in order to go much deeper into healing.

Gut / Digestive illness

Long Covid

Autoimmune issues

Hormonal imbalances

You can completely recalibrate your body from the ground up, allowing yourself to heal. The way to do this is through water fasting.

Water fasting is completely safe for the vast majority of people. With guidance from an expert, you too can make the most of your fast and begin your healing journey.


We all know the most famous examples of religious 40-day fasts, but you probably haven’t heard others.

For example, the Greek mathematician Pythagoras demanded that all his students undertake a 40-day fast in order to sharpen their minds!









extended healing fasts


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3-day water fast

Of all fasts, the 3 day water fast is in many ways the most important. Three days is the period your body needs to unlock your healing metabolism and begin reaping the benefits. These three days are also the stepping stone required to move on to even longer fasts.

The 3 day water fast is also often the hardest. Because of this, it’s important do everything you can do to maximise your chances of a smooth experience.

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  • Cleansing and detox: how water fasting works and why it benefits you
    If you’re really serious about cleansing, the most powerful method is and always has been water fasting. Why? Because only through sustaining a zero caloric intake can you fully unlock the body’s healing metabolism. This takes place in two steps…
  • Overcoming addictions through water fasting
    Water fasting is an extremely powerful tool to help overcome addictions caused by smoking, drinking and drugs in general, as well as any food addictions, such as those caused by sugar, salt, caffeine, chocolate and flavour enhancers. Unfortunately, the list is almost endless. On a physical level, addictive substances cause changes to your biochemistry…
  • A stronger immune system with water fasting
    If you suffer from a weak immune system, water fasting is one of the best things you can do to strengthen it. Similarly, water fasting is one of the oldest and most effective methods to regain health if your immune system is facing an infection such the flu…
  • Self-healing through water fasting: more powerful than any pill
    I became a convert to water fasting after experiencing firsthand the miraculous self-healing powers of the body. It happened many years ago on the last day of my first 7-day fast. For about a decade I had suffered from debilitating…


  • Healing from Long Covid with water fasting
    This article presents two case reports documenting how an extended water fast can heal Long Covid (post-acute Covid-19 syndrome). Since late 2020, I have been approached by…
  • Healing ovarian cysts with water fasting
    This case study documents a 21-day water fast to successfully heal ovarian cysts. Water fasts can also facilitate the healing of PCOM, PCOS and uterine fibroids.


  • Comforting kitchari stew with cauliflower
    This stew provides a comforting and delicious way to break fasts of up to 3 days. After longer fasts, it is perfect for reintroducing grains and legumes. Consisting of primarily mung beans and rice…
  • Summer smoothie to break a fast
    A week ago I used this smoothie to break my 5 day dry fast with 2 day water fast introduction. Normally I prefer to break my fasts with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, but unfortunately orange season has long since past by this … Read more
  • Pure and perfect tomato soup to break a fast
    This recipe is always a favourite at the end of a fast: warming, comforting and nutritionally perfect, packed with a wide variety of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants (such as lycopene, beta-carotene, potassium, Vitamins C and K). It’s so well loved that I found myself with … Read more
  • Tasty, tangy sauerkraut soup
    This is a tasty, tangy soup I enjoy especially after winter fasts – including the 7-day water fast I just finished yesterday. Before global trade overpowered local economies and foods, winter was always the time to eat preserved vegetables such as sauerkraut – especially in … Read more
  • Go-to green smoothie recipe to break a fast
    After any fast of more than a day or so, it’s important how you re-introduce food back into your diet. Oranges are a great way to break any fast, as the citrus content helps to provide a final element of detox as well as to … Read more

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  • How to prevent overeating after a water fast
    One of the biggest problems people have with fasting is the temptation to overeat afterwards. Things can very easily end up getting out of control, which not only overtaxes the digestive system but also potentially distorts eating patterns in the future. This video examines the whole issue and offers numerous practical solutions, ensuring the smoothest … Read more
  • Dealing with insomnia and sleep issues while water fasting
    Video lecture Almost everyone experiences major changes to the way they sleep while water fasting. In fact, many people find it one of the most disturbing aspects of fasting. It doesn’t have to be a source of concern, though, if you understand why these processes are taking place and what you can do to help … Read more


“Let us fast from self-love not self-punishment!”

Dr Tallis Barker


  • Spiritual fasting in Lent (or any other time)
    25th February, 2020Tomorrow marks the beginning of what for many people is the most important time of the year in terms of spiritual fasting. For Christians, Lent constitutes the 40-day period prior to Easter, serving as a reminder of both Jesus’ 40-day fast in the … Read more
  • Physical and spiritual cleansing: from fear to love
    Does the thought of water fasting frighten you? It’s completely natural to feel fear before and even during your first few water fasts.  After all, unlike our ancestors, you’ve probably never gone without food for more than a few hours, let alone a few days.  … Read more
  • Facing your ego through water fasting
    As important as any physical cleansing, water fasting also challenges you with emotional and spiritual blocks, bringing you face to face with your ego and fears.  In a way, your journey through water fasting mirrors the entire spiritual path: both within each fast, as well … Read more
  • Deeper states of consciousness while fasting
    One of my favourite things to ‘do’ while water fasting is to find a spot in nature and simply sit, doing nothing, just being, staring out into the environment, remaining present and aware. Quickly, I become one with myself and the world around me. Time … Read more
  • Who am I?
    Many spiritual traditions encourage you to ask the question: ‘Who am I?’  Perhaps most famously, Ramana Maharshi taught that this is all you need to do in order to experience your true self and enlightenment.  Just keep asking yourself, honestly, from the depths of your … Read more


  • Dry fast coaching
    I now offer dry fast coaching (as well as water fast coaching). Quite simply, dry fasting is the most powerful form of cleansing and healing that exists…
  • Dry fasting: fact and fiction
    The biggest hurdle to understanding dry fasting comes from the completely logical idea that if you’re not drinking, how can you flush out toxins? In fact…
  • Juice fasting
    If you don’t feel ready to try out water fasting, then juice fasting is a great place to start.  Otherwise known as a “juice diet”, it involves the elimination of solid food from your daily consumption.  In other words, instead of eating and drinking, you … Read more
  • Shankaprakshalana: intestinal wash as preparation
    What on earth does an intestinal wash have to do with water fasting?In one sense, nothing. But… after you get over the shock of it :-), there are certainly good reasons to contemplate such a cleanse before undertaking a water fast, especially in the case … Read more
  • Intermittent fasting
    If a one-day water fast feels too frightening, beyond reach, that’s totally okay.  Today in the modern world many people feel the same.  Rather than pushing yourself into something you’re not ready for, intermittent fasting is a less extreme, more easily achievable goal – and … Read more
  • 5 day dry fast with 2 day introductory water fast
    ARTICLE SECTIONS: The following article outlines the experience of my first 5-day dry fast. I do not recommend such a long dry fast to anyone, unless they already have plenty of experience with both 7-day water fasts as well as 3-day dry fasts! Intro A … Read more
  • 3.5 / 4 day dry fast with introductory water fast
    I’ve always approached dry fasting carefully. As a generally healthy person, I’ve never had any therapeutic need to jump into a radically long fast. Also, having experienced firsthand how much stronger the detox of dry fasting is compared to water fasting, I’ve always felt that … Read more
  • 2.5 day dry fast: dehydration as detox
    This article describes my first experience of a 2.5-day dry fast.  For more information about dry fasts in general click here, and for my experience with shorter 36-hour dry fasts click here. Dehydration as detox: the phrase came to mind soon after finishing my fast … Read more


  • Fasting in a time of lockdown
    ‘This is the perfect time to fast…’ I’ve heard this sentence, again and again, repeated verbatim by numerous clients since most of the world went into lockdown earlier this year as a result of Covid 19. Now that many of us are slowly returning to … Read more
  • Dry fasting and the Marathon Monks of Mount Hiei
    One of the most extreme forms of fasting concerns the so-called Marathon Monks (gyoja) of Mt. Hiei, Japan. This article will describe the practice in full, but first it’s important to know that the fasting itself forms only one part of an almost superhuman seven-year … Read more
  • Telling friends and family about your fast (or not)
    Whether or not to tell friends and family you’re fasting can often be a huge dilemma. Just this last week, several visitors to waterfasting.org have brought up the subject in some shape or form. It usually goes like this: “I can’t tell anyone I know … Read more
  • Enjoy the gift of food!
    I’ll keep this short and sweet :-). If you want to enjoy the gift of food, if you really want to appreciate the taste of every bite you eat, there’s nothing better than a water fast.  It’s only by taking away food for a while … Read more



Complete a 3-day water fast

This video + pdf bundle provides you with all you need to know in order to safely, successfully and smoothly carry out your first 3-day water fast. If you already have a little experience, there are plenty of additional tips to help you go deeper into water fasting.

130+ PAGE PDF BUNDLE: The Complete 3 Day Water Fasting Plan

100 PAGE PDF: How to Plan, Prepare and Practise a 3 Day Water Fast

30 PAGE PDF: Dealing with detox symptoms while water fasting




my 21-day water fast

day by day

I began a journey into what I can only describe as one of the special events of my life: a 21-day water fast. Even now, it remains as fresh and vivid in my memory as if it were yesterday…