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Is water fasting safe?

Many people are convinced that water fasting must be dangerous. Unfortunately, this is mostly based on fear, misinformation, and only a minimal number of actual cases. This video takes a look at all the facts, in order to help you decide whether water fasting might be for you.

Can I work during a water fast?

This video addresses the potential problems of continuing your job as usual during a water fast, and covers (1) what to expect and (2) what to do about it.

Should I fast to lose weight?

Many people consider using a water fast to lose weight. Unfortunately this often ends in failure, and sometimes even leads to weight gain afterwards. This video takes a look at the issues you should think about before beginning such a fast.

Working out and exercise during a fast: is it safe?

A lot of people who exercise or work out in everyday life consider doing the same while water fasting. If you’re thinking about it too, watch this video first – before you damage your body in the process!

How are water fasts different from juice fasts?

This video takes a look at how water fasts are different from juice fasts, and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Does healing continue after a fast?

This video looks at the way that the healing initiated during a water fast can actually continue long after the fast ends.

Water fasts versus dry fasts: how are they different in terms of detox, cleansing and healing?

Water fasts and dry fasts work differently on the body, so understanding the reasons why you’re fasting can help you to decide which kind of fast is best for you.

I’ll be adding more video FAQ’s to this page over the next few months. Stay tuned!


  1. Sean says

    Have you tried using electrolyte or snake juice instead of plain water. What kind of water do you drink? Do you drink teas. What about killing parasites, have you ever combined these water fasts with parasite killing herbs etc?

    • Tallis Barker Ph.D. says

      Hi Sean,
      I’m not a real fan of electrolytes in most cases. In short, they make you feel good but reduce the degree of cleansing. I’ve seen this time and again among my clients.
      Any kind of water which doesn’t kill you in everyday life won’t kill you during a fast either, but obviously it’s best to go for something cleaner, such as filtered, spring or distilled.
      Yes, you can combine water fasts with herbs to accelerate the demise of parasites. A salt water flush at the beginning of the fast can also help.
      All the best,

  2. Marilynn Valenzuela says

    Thank you Tallis for the very reasonable resonant responses 👍🏽
    (no need to post this comment unless you want to)

  3. Marilynn Valenzuela says

    Thanks for the video! A couple of questions… would you recommend interspersing dry fasting days into an extended water fast? And second question, what do you think about doing enemas during water fasting?

    • Tallis Barker Ph.D. says

      Hi Marilynn,

      Good questions. Dry fasting can definitely increase the cleansing power of a water fast. Inserting a 24-hour period should be totally safe if the water fast is going smoothly. For anything longer than that, I’d recommend working with an expert.

      As far as enemas go, there are people who argue you should never do one because it’s invasive. There are also those who say you should do one every day in order to support cleansing. I’d take a middle road here and involve them if you start experiencing persistent detox symptoms.

      Hope this helps,

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