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Is water fasting safe?

Many people are convinced that water fasting must be dangerous. Unfortunately, this is mostly based on fear, misinformation, and only a minimal number of actual cases. This video takes a look at all the facts, in order to help you decide whether water fasting might be for you.

Can I work during a water fast?

This video addresses the potential problems of continuing your job as usual during a water fast, and covers (1) what to expect and (2) what to do about it.

Should I fast to lose weight?

Many people consider using a water fast to lose weight. Unfortunately this often ends in failure, and sometimes even leads to weight gain afterwards. This video takes a look at the issues you should think about before beginning such a fast.

Working out and exercise during a fast: is it safe?

A lot of people who exercise or work out in everyday life consider doing the same while water fasting. If you’re thinking about it too, watch this video first – before you damage your body in the process!

How are water fasts different from juice fasts?

This video takes a look at how water fasts are different from juice fasts, and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Does healing continue after a fast?

This video looks at the way that the healing initiated during a water fast can actually continue long after the fast ends.

Water fasts versus dry fasts: how are they different in terms of detox, cleansing and healing?

Water fasts and dry fasts work differently on the body, so understanding the reasons why you’re fasting can help you to decide which kind of fast is best for you.

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  1. Hello. I had a SCC removed from my tongue 2/2022. In 5/2022 a single lymph node on the same side has enlarged and am currently battling the healing of this lymph node. According to imaging it is ‘necrotic’ in nature. Have you seen water fasting shrink an enlarged lymph node with SCC? I’m wanting to avoid surgery or any other conventional medical invasive treatments.

    1. Tallis Barker, D.Phil. Avatar
      Tallis Barker, D.Phil.

      Hi David,
      Thanks for writing. It sounds like you have a lot going on in your body at the moment. Almost invariably, cancer responds well to extended water fasting – but, as with all serious illness, you need to make sure that you’re doing everything to put the odds in your favour with the fasting protocol – and we’ll talk a lot more about that in our consultation tomorrow :-). To answer your question: yes, I’ve seen extended water fasting shrink enlarged lymph nodes with Squamous Cell Carcinoma.
      All the best,

  2. I am a Covid long hauler and heard about you on forums where others have healed themselves through water fasts. I have 3 concerns: 1. I tend toward hypoglycemia, unless I stick to keto/low carb. 2. Does fasting increase cortisol levels? I have Covid induced anxiety and being sick for nearly 2 years has caused added stress. 3. Covid also gave me SIBO and clogged Eustachian tubes. Any suggestions as to feasibility of water fasts for me would be much appreciated. I am SO ready to be free of Covid in my body.

    1. Tallis Barker, D.Phil. Avatar
      Tallis Barker, D.Phil.

      Hi Julie,
      Thanks for writing, and apologies for the long delay in writing. (I’ve had a care issue with my elderly parents the last couple of weeks and have been tied down…) To get straight to your concerns:
      1. Hypoglycemia is a concern for many clients, but I’ve had only one client in the last several years for whom it has actually necessitated stopping the fast.
      2. Yes, fasting increases cortisol levels during the fast as a crucial metabolic function of drawing out fatty acids from adipose tissue and into the blood. However, after the fast cortisol levels will return to a level lower than pre-fast. In fact, fasting is hugely effective at restoring adrenal fatigue.
      3. Fasting is the best possible thing you can do to heal from SIBO!
      Hope this helps,

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