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Timothy G.

I must start by saying that Tallis Barker is the real deal. In a world of phony, proud, self promoting men, he is genuine, humble and self effacing. I recently finished a 40 day water fast with Tallis and have come to see him more as a friend and brother than a water fasting coach. I love this man. His knowledge of his craft is immense, and it is obvious to any who work with him, that he is always reading, studying, observing and learning. He is about true science, “The observation of facts”.

The lessons he taught me about how the body works and about myself through this fast were incredible. It was amazing to experience and see in my body and mind the very things that Tallis was teaching me concerning fasting, detoxification, healing and so forth. His attention to detail and meticulous note taking as to when I had experienced certain things along the way truly make you feel more like a friend than a “client”.

He never sugar coated anything but talked honestly and encouraged, informed and guided as a true coach should and would. I can not recommend him enough. You will not regret choosing to work with Tallis. I look forward to working with him again as I continue forward in my personal health and healing journey. I close with saying publicly, “Thank you Tallis. I love and respect you man. You deserve recognition, admiration and praise because of the man you are and the way you work and serve others.”

5 September 2023

Kelly F.

I recently hired Tallis to coach me through an extended water fast. I attempted it once on my own in 2018 and water fasted for 22 days. Unfortunately, I didn’t properly refeed after that fast and suffered a great deal of pain for many weeks as a result.

This time, I decided to work with Tallis so I’d have an expert supporting me along my journey, as I was especially concerned about the refeeding process. I wanted to press a reset button on my health and I am thrilled to share that Tallis not only helped me successfully complete a 28-day water fast, but also ensured that I properly refed and addressed any issues that arose during the fast.

From the start, Tallis was incredibly supportive and knowledgeable, guiding me through the pre-fast preparation, providing me with resources and answering all my questions. During the fast, he checked in with me regularly to ensure I was feeling well and adjusting properly to the process.

Tallis also helped me address any issues or discomfort that arose, such as nausea and changes in energy levels, and provided valuable advice and tips to help me continue on my wellness journey. I was so happy to have him to turn to because this fast was very different from my previous extended fast in that I had very different symptoms that Tallis was no stranger to, and quickly helped me get to a comfortable place.

After the fast, he provided me with a detailed refeeding plan that helped me transition back to solid foods safely and gradually. It was miraculous how smooth the transition was. Every suggestion he made was exactly the right solution and resulted in me not having one negative side effect during the refeeding process. Mission accomplished!

Overall, my experience fasting with Tallis support was outstanding, and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to embark on a water fasting journey. He is compassionate and knowledgeable, and dedicated to making you feel like you’re his only client. He keeps impeccable notes as he tracks your progress and is fully present during every coaching session. His expertise, support, and commitment to helping his clients achieve their goals makes Tallis a true asset and necessary partner when doing an extended fast!

6 May 2023


Tallis helped me complete my very first water fast. I decided to go for 30 days and he was an absolute expert all the way through. Somebody that gives it to you straight and is also very compassionate. Any fast I ever need to do, I will always do it with him.

11 January 2023


Tallis Barker is a professional and conscientious fasting mentor, as well as being a lovely person. His knowledge and expertise are very impressive, and I believe, also critical for both short and long fasting periods. I found my daily video calls with him both reassuring and informative. He was able to give me valuable insights into my fasting journey which provided an extra layer of benefit on top of the physical cleanse and healing. I would recommended him highly to anyone interested in this method of healing.

22 August, 2022

Philipp L.

I completed a 28 day fast with Tallis. I did a 21 day water fast on my own in the past but it was much more difficult doing it alone. Tallis’ support and experience really made a difference. He is very knowledgeable about fasting and many issues about the body or mind. I would do it again in the future! He has a very understanding attitude and used an individualistic approach to my personal situation.

13th June 2021

Janet C.

I want to thank you for coaching me through my extended water fast. Your moral support, encouragement, practical suggestions and accumulated knowledge all contributed to my success. Our daily video chats were the highlight of my fasting days. It was so reassuring to share my experiences with you knowing you could relate, give me tips and recognize any symptoms that might need to be addressed. Also because you were helping me monitor my fast on a daily basis my husband had peace of mind, which also helped us to ride out the more difficult days. Without coaching I doubt that I would have made it 28 days. I feel very privileged to have had this water fasting opportunity in my own home. There is no doubt in my mind that your coaching made my water fast a more pleasant experience. Thank you for making yourself available!

28th August 2020

Tabitha N.

I’ve worked with Tallis on 2 major water fasting events. One 40 day fast in April last year and one 20 day fast in January of this year. Fasting is a particularly private experience and having someone to video chat with daily and send questions along the way has been my secret ingredient for success. My friends marvel at my willpower but the truth is that the success has been a combination of my intention and support from Tallis. Through both those journeys, Tallis was my partner and coach – proactively helping me anticipate and navigate through challenging moments and celebrating victories with me. I have experienced tremendous healing both physically and emotionally through these fasts and watched myself grow spiritually. I can say without a doubt that Tallis was a critical reason I have been successful both times. What’s also great is that he doesn’t stop when the fast is over – he helps you healthfully transition back to normal eating habits after the fast. Thank you Tallis for going through these incredibly personal and important journeys with me. I know this is not our last fast together as I intend to continue incorporating these fasting experiences into my life. I am grateful!

10th February 2020

Sara P.

I just wanted I take a moment to thank you for putting together such helpful material (Living on Water). Due to it, I was well prepared and only suffered mild detox symptoms, all of which you had covered in some way. I therefore was observing them more than worrying about them.  I lasted 3.75 days on just water (no herbal teas) and I am proud. I have been battling Topical Steroid Withdrawal (aka Red Skin Syndrome) since January 2017, and although I have been able to heal 90% of my body myself, it’s still holding on in my hands and lower arms. Lots of swelling, itch and weeping when flaring. By the end of day 2 of my fast, almost all the inflammation and itch had subsided (I’ve been swollen and inflamed for months)….I was shocked and so pleased!

I feel I healed a month’s worth in less than 4 days. I will absolutely try to water fast 3 to 5 days every few months for the foreseeable future, even after I’m fully healed.

Thank you so much! You’ve helped me renew hope in a very uncomfortable and long 3+ year battle.

4th February 2020

Emily T.

I am SO glad I worked with Tallis for my first 3-day fast. Coming from a history of binge-eating, I was terrified of bingeing partway through my fast. Tallis was such a wise, encouraging, and compassionate coach. With him, I felt safe in the lead-up to the fast, during the fast, and after the fast. He encouraged me to be “less than perfect” in my first 3-day fast, allowing myself to binge before and after and drink herbal teas during. It will definitely take a lot more experience before a 3-day fast is no big deal and I am able to healthily transition into and out of the fast, but the knowledge (in my body and experience, not just in my head) that I *can* choose not to act on binge urges, even just for 3 days, is invaluable.

I highly recommend coaching with Tallis. Having a guide who has experience fasting and guiding others through fasts, and who is able to customize feedback to your specific situation and goals, is worth every penny and more. I will be working with Tallis again for sure.

13th January 2019


Tallis is a wonderful guide and mentor. I met him earlier this year when I traveled from the States to fast with him in Hungary. This was truly a phenomenal experience in many, many ways. My body, mind, soul, and heart were desperately in need of detoxification, and I had lost hope in every other avenue. After spending several thousand dollars on holistic care, I found that none of them worked the way this did.

The retreat itself was a lovely experience. The people were wonderful, the setting was so pure and serene, and the pain associated with the fast was healed and nourished by the deeply idyllic setting. More importantly, however, Tallis was simply the most wonderful person to lead such a journey. He was patient, loving, and kind, and answered every single question regarding fasting, spirituality, and even addressed specific personal issues. Not only is he profoundly intelligent in the intellectual sense of the term, but he also has a deep inner knowing that can benefit anyone that meets him.

14th November 2018

Andy W.

I have just completed a 10 day water fast with Tallis coaching me online and I can only recommend it.

He coached me from the beginning with the appropriate diet and mindset before entering the fast and the initial consultation was very deep and insightful – I could imagine that he is a good life coach as well. During the fast we kept in touch and he was very responsive – he supported me with any struggles that I had, being it from detox or mentally, and he was very flexible on the approach when I added a few dry fasting days and extended the originally planned 7 day fast to 10 days. This continued throughout the re-feeding process and he got me out of the fast safely – I had no digestive problems at all.

If you are medically able, I recommend anyone to do a fast. It frees you up from addictions if you allow this to happen, and it detoxes your body and mind. I would also recommend a dry fast, as you should detox even deeper and the cell regeneration is said to be more powerful.

My chronic symptoms of Tinnitus have reduced after the fast, and I am dry fasting every week for 2.5-3 days until it is healed. I am doing this on my own without Tallis, but having had him as a coach has given me the confidence and knowledge to do so.

19th August, 2018

Peter K.

The spring retreat was an AMAZING experience and a fantastic journey.  It was amazing how much energy I had from the ketosis (fat-burning metabolism during a water fast)…

21 April, 2016

Sungho K.

I worked with Tallis on a 3 day water fast. I had been struggling with several conditions that even Harvard Medical doctors had no idea how to help or cure. My main issue was that I had awful pain every, single time I ate. My mood was also terrible and I was exhausted all the time. To be honest, I was skeptical working with Tallis would help. After all, I had been just about every type of doctor trying to find relief for my suffering.

Firstly, I was surprised to find that Tallis was incredibly knowledgable. I never had to explain any of my medical conditions, which is rare, even when working with medical professionals. He was also kind and patient. I had a long list of concerns but he took time to address all of them. Because he was there to answer every concern, I always felt reassured and safe. Even though the support was online, there was never at time I didn’t feel fully supported by Tallis.

With the help of Tallis, I successfully completed my first 3 day fast. I had attempted to do water fasting on my own before, but never made it past 36 hours. I know I could not have done it without Tallis’s support.

After the 3 day fast, I felt an improvement in my mood. I was filled with a sense of deep gratitude. I felt a sense of inner strength and empowerment. I also noticed my allergy symptoms were reduced and I had less pain after eating. Tallis inspired me to continue fasting and, since then, I have gone to finish a 45 day juice fast. I am still healing, but I am happy to report that I no longer have pain when I eat.

I highly recommend Tallis’s online coaching. While you could do a water fast on your own, I can assure you that you your fast will go so much smoothly having a knowledgeable and kind coach by your side. I am grateful to have met Tallis on my path to health and recovery.

28th July 2018

Remy S.

Beyond the actual fast, it was for me an amazing spiritual retreat – by far the best I have done…

21 April, 2016

Zach H.

I recently worked with Tallis on a 10 day water fast. Prior to this fast, my only experience with fasting was a handful of juice fasts, the longest being 6 days. I was motivated to try water fasting due to a benign brain tumor that regrew recently after having it removed surgically several years ago. There are many reports of tumors shrinking or disappearing after a water fast, so I decided to try this route before jumping into surgery again.

Prior to this fast, I spent 4 weeks eating a raw vegan diet. I think this helped reduce detox symptoms during the fast.

Once the fast began, Tallis spent as much time as I needed answering questions over Skype. His depth of knowledge about water fasting is incredible! He also gave me a few ideas of what to expect and things to watch out for. Had it not been for his advice at the beginning of the fast, there would have been times the first couple of days that I believe I would have experienced some serious anxiety due to what was going on in my body. However, thanks to his wise guidance, I knew what my body was doing was part of the fasting process, and I was able to relax and let the intelligence of my body do its work.

Throughout the fast, Tallis was in touch with me daily via email. There were times when it was like he was reading my thoughts . He would answer questions before I would even ask them, knowing what would be coming next for me. It was always reassuring to know I had someone to go to with any questions or concerns during these 10 days.

By the end of the fast, I had lost roughly 16 pounds. A mole on my arm almost completely disappeared, and one on my shoulder shrank to half its size before the fast. Within a week or so I had gained back half of the weight I lost and felt amazing. Food tasted incredible and my energy level was through the roof.

As for the tumor, I had an MRI scheduled a couple weeks after I ended the fast. The results were compared to an MRI I had 11 months prior. The findings were that the tumor had not grown, which was great news. There is no way to know for sure if the tumor had grown and the fast reduced its size, but I do know the fast had many positive effects on me, physically and mentally. I am now planning to work with Tallis again on another water fast to see if the tumor will shrink over the coming months.

I cannot express enough gratitude for the assistance and guidance Tallis provided through my fast. There is no way I would have been able to meet my 10 day goal without his support. If you are planning a water fast, I would highly recommend working with Tallis to support and guide you through the process.

29th May, 2018

Tanya B.

Thank you again for this wonderful experience – I would never have done it myself!

20th April, 2016

Zsuzsa K.

The retreat helped me to appreciate and to love my body.  It also helped me to distinguish between what I need to accept in myself and what I can change…

20th April, 2016