Zach H.

I recently worked with Tallis on a 10 day water fast. Prior to this fast, my only experience with fasting was a handful of juice fasts, the longest being 6 days. I was motivated to try water fasting due to a benign brain tumor that regrew recently after having it removed surgically several years ago. There are many reports of tumors shrinking or disappearing after a water fast, so I decided to try this route before jumping into surgery again.

Prior to this fast, I spent 4 weeks eating a raw vegan diet. I think this helped reduce detox symptoms during the fast.

Once the fast began, Tallis spent as much time as I needed answering questions over Skype. His depth of knowledge about water fasting is incredible! He also gave me a few ideas of what to expect and things to watch out for. Had it not been for his advice at the beginning of the fast, there would have been times the first couple of days that I believe I would have experienced some serious anxiety due to what was going on in my body. However, thanks to his wise guidance, I knew what my body was doing was part of the fasting process, and I was able to relax and let the intelligence of my body do its work.

Throughout the fast, Tallis was in touch with me daily via email. There were times when it was like he was reading my thoughts . He would answer questions before I would even ask them, knowing what would be coming next for me. It was always reassuring to know I had someone to go to with any questions or concerns during these 10 days.

By the end of the fast, I had lost roughly 16 pounds. A mole on my arm almost completely disappeared, and one on my shoulder shrank to half its size before the fast. Within a week or so I had gained back half of the weight I lost and felt amazing. Food tasted incredible and my energy level was through the roof.

As for the tumor, I had an MRI scheduled a couple weeks after I ended the fast. The results were compared to an MRI I had 11 months prior. The findings were that the tumor had not grown, which was great news. There is no way to know for sure if the tumor had grown and the fast reduced its size, but I do know the fast had many positive effects on me, physically and mentally. I am now planning to work with Tallis again on another water fast to see if the tumor will shrink over the coming months.

I cannot express enough gratitude for the assistance and guidance Tallis provided through my fast. There is no way I would have been able to meet my 10 day goal without his support. If you are planning a water fast, I would highly recommend working with Tallis to support and guide you through the process.