Enjoy the gift of food!

I’ll keep this short and sweet :-).

If you want to enjoy the gift of food, if you really want to appreciate the taste of every bite you eat, there’s nothing better than a water fast.  It’s only by taking away food for a while that you stop taking it for granted.  It’s only by taking away taste for a while that, afterwards, you can actually taste food for what it is: the most amazing sensory experience!

That first glass of orange juice after a fast is the most fulfilling moment.  If, like most people, you’re addicted in some shape or form to food – whether sugar, caffeine, chocolate, salt or flavour enhancers – water fasting helps to put everything in perspective.  It’s a ‘reset button’ to how you experience food.  When you drink that first glass of orange juice, you taste it for what it is, uninfluenced by previous habits and addictions.  It is totally satisfying.  Period.  There’s no need, no desire for anything more.  For the first time, you can appreciate it for what it is: a miraculous gift from mother nature.  No desire… Experiencing life for what it is, not what you want it to be…  Yes, eating food becomes a spiritual experience.

Of course, I’m joking – but only half-joking.

Eating food really is and should be a spiritual experience.  It is and should be one of the most precious gifts of human life.

Experiencing the spiritual dimension of food extends well beyond that first glass of orange juice.  For a while all food after a water fast will be sacred.  You’ll appreciate the miracle of every taste: something perfect in itself, without need for added salt and pepper…

Of course, over time, you’ll begin to take food for granted again.  It’s inevitable, part of the human condition.  We take for granted and gradually forget virtually everything, from the taste of our last meal to why we are here in the first place, living our lives.

It’s our job to remember.
Water fasting can help you do just that.

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