Journal for the spring retreat, 7-day water fast: Day 5

Increasingly, the fast is going deeper and deeper… After ketosis establishes itself over the first three days or so, the body often gives a “grace period” of a day or so before a deeper wave of detox sets in. For some people this manifests in physical symptoms, and it’s no coincidence that over the last 24 hours or so a few of the participants have mentioned flu-like symptoms: a running nose, aches and pains in the joints, and in one case even a little nausea. For other people this deeper wave of detox manifests through emotional cleansing, the beginning of which came out yesterday during evening sharing.

In order to allow the fast to continue its natural progress inward and deeper, my plan is to make today as yin as possible. So there won’t be any “exciting” yang programs as we’ve had over the last few days. No. The plan is to do as little as possible and just be. To help everyone just sit and be with themselves without any distractions, I’m continuing yesterday’s mouna for the full day today and into tomorrow. As a result, there will be no group sharings today; instead I’ll just check on everyone individually. Some will enjoy the silence. Others will fight it, in order not to have to face inner demons. Resistance to simply being will come out through boredom, anxiety and even anger.

We’ll see…


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