How to plan and practise a 3-day water fast (100-page PDF)



Full title: How to plan, prepare and practise a 3-day water fast.

This 100-page e-book (pdf) covers everything you need to know in order to safely and successfully carry out a three-day water fast. The first chapters help you to decide on the basic logistics, as well as plan your diet beforehand and prepare yourself psychologically. The central section of the book (nearly 40 pages) is devoted to giving a detailed day-to-day description of what to expect, and what to do in order to get the most out of your fast. The last chapter deals with your return to everyday life afterwards, including a detailed dietary plan.

If you’re planning your first 3-day water fast, this e-book provides an essential tool so you don’t make mistakes.
If you already know how to fast, the book offers ideas to go more deeply into the whole experience.

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Chapters include:

  1. Introduction and overview
  2. Who should fast and who should not
  3. Planning the fast
  4. The week before the fast: practical preparations
  5. The fast itself: what to expect, day by day
  6. The week after your fast: transitioning back to everyday life

Publisher: The e-Go Press
IBSN: 978-0-9932713-1-1
Length: 103 pages


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