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Living on Water: the complete 3-day fasting program (videos, PDFs, online support)



Living on water is a PDF / video bundle / online support forum which provides you with all you need to know in order to safely, successfully and smoothly carry out your first 3-day water fast. If you already have a little experience, there are plenty of additional tips to help you go deeper into water fasting.

What you get:

  • water, stream, pebbles 10 (widget)100 page ebook (pdf): How to plan, prepare and practise a 3-day water fast
  • 7 support videos (2+ hours viewing time):
    • covering each day of the fast (3 videos)
    • preparing you in the week before the fast begins (2 videos)
    • helping you break the fast and return to eating (2 videos)
  • 30-page pdf: Dealing with detox symptoms while fasting
  • Bonus printouts including checklists, recipes and fasting journal
  • Access to a password-protected online support forum. This is the place to ask questions or discuss problems with others who are living on water.

All in all, Living on water provides maximum possible support without actually working one on one with a fasting guide.

Sample pages:

How to plan, prepare and practise a 3-day water fast: CLICK HERE
Dealing with detox symptoms: CLICK HERE

Introductory video:

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