Dealing with detox symptoms (30-page PDF)



Full title: Natural methods for the relief of detox symptoms while fasting

This 30-page pdf deals with both the numerous detox symptoms of fasting as well as how to relieve them using natural, drug-free methods. The 11 methods and detailed explanations of how to correctly apply them range from deep breathing to meditation, hot baths and enemas. Different techniques work best for different people. This e-book will help you to decide what’s best for you.

There’s no reason to suffer while fasting if you have the right tools at your disposal!

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Chapters include:

— Water fasting, ketosis and why detox causes physical symptoms
— Avoiding drugs to clear detox symptoms
— Symptoms due to addiction and withdrawal symptoms
— Using natural techniques to alleviate symptoms
— Preventative techniques: planning your fasting environment
— Palliative techniques: dealing with detox symptoms as they occur
— List of common detox symptoms and their treatment

Publisher: The e-Go Press
IBSN: 978-0-9932713-2-8
Length: 28 pages


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