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21 day water fast: Day 19

alarm clock (1200x800)I woke up this morning, my first thought slightly tinged with sadness at how close the end of the fast is. It really is close now.  After today, just one more full day before Day 21, and I slowly begin to reintroduce food back into my life… Otherwise, I’ve been completely at peace.  I’ve no abstract sense of time or need to look at the clock.  The day just passes as it does.  It makes me wonder how life must have been so many centuries ago, before we began to ‘cut the day into shreds’ (in the words of Peter Gabriel).  Before the days of clocks and time-keeping, we would have been so much more at one with the world and its natural rhythms instead of trying to fit our lives into the abstract mathematical divisions of hours and minutes.  Just being with the day instead of anticipating ‘X’ o’clock and ‘Y’ o’clock and stressed by how much time it takes to get from X to Y…

Physically, no changes to speak of, except that a strange rash has developed over parts of my chest over the last three or four days.  I’ve wondered whether it could be an allergy to all the sunbathing I’ve been doing, or whether it could be a reaction to the highly synthetic material of the new sunbed I’ve been lying on, or even whether it could even be some kind of insect bite.  But no, it doesn’t look or feel like any of these.  It consists of areas of closely spaced, little dark red spots, which slightly protrude from the skin.  They’re not itchy and don’t hurt.  My instinct is that it has something to do with a new and deeper level of detox.  I know that rashes often do develop as a result of detox – it’s just that I’ve never experienced something like this in the past.  But then again, I’ve never fasted for this long…

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