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Spring retreat 2022: 7 day water fast

9 day – 8 night retreat centred around a 7-day water fast: DATE: 30 Apr – 8 May 2021 (Saturday 30 Apr, 4pm – Sunday 8 May, 1pm). LOCATION: Danube Bend (Hungary), about 1 hour from Budapest. (A car share can usually be arranged free of charge from Budapest, see below) PRICE: 700 USD / 550GBP (see below for details) Enquiries and registration: see application form below — If you are unable to attend but would like to organise your own fasting retreat for me to lead (in either Europe or the USA), please contact me using the application form below. About this retreat: We will be fasting in Hungary’s rolling Börzsöny hills, less than 10km from the most scenic spot on Europe’s greatest river: the Danube Bend (pictured above). Hungary’s climate is perfect for fasting in the spring and autumn, with plenty of sun and average daytime highs around 20-22C (70F). Our accommodation lies on the edge of a small village called Kóspallag, and features a large garden with fields and miles of forest …

Fasting in a time of lockdown

‘This is the perfect time to fast…’ I’ve heard this sentence, again and again, repeated verbatim by numerous clients since most of the world went into lockdown earlier this year as a result of Covid 19. Now that many of us are slowly returning to a less restrictive regime in life, I thought this might be a good time to reflect on how lockdown has influenced people’s actual experience of water fasting. In many ways it’s true: lockdown really is the perfect time to fast. In becoming socially distanced from one another, we’ve enjoyed an opportunity to become closer with ourself. Locked into our homes, locked away from the outside world, this has been an inherently inward-turning (yin) period for us all – as opposed to the more outgoing (yang) mood of everyday life. Since we’re not running around, out on the town any more, we’d may as well just stay at home and simply be. Lockdown has forced us to slow down. Of course, fasting does the same. It too is also an inherently …

Fasting against coronavirus (Covid-19): how to boost immunity and maximize health

This extended article argues that the best thing you can do to strengthen your immune system against Covid-19 is to undertake a 7-10 day water fast or, ideally, a 21-day fast as soon as possible (see Section 3). For most people, fasting is also advisable during illness, especially if you begin as close to the onset of symptoms as possible (see Section 4).  Article sections:(1) A no-win scenario?(2) Why fasting is your best bet against coronavirus(3) How to fast in order to prevent illness(4) How to fast in order to treat illness CLICK HERE if you need COACHING for your own water fast (1) A no-win scenario? The rapid spread of Covid-19 throughout China and, increasingly, across the globe rightly has many people worried. Currently, the number of infections continues to double every few days, with the official death rate holding steady at just over two percent. If this trend continues – and it is only an if – then the number of casualties will eventually extrapolate to many millions of deaths worldwide.

21 day water fast: Day 21

I woke up into the darkness, with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude: for the universe, for Réka and the opportunity to be here – as well as for the fast itself.  I sat down to meditate, with the expanse of gratitude laid out as a back-drop to everything in my mind.  It felt and continues to feel like an inner smile expanding from all directions in and around my heart.  Everywhere, almost as if my body were breathing the mantra: ‘thank you, thank you, thank you…’

21 day water fast: Day 6

Another smooth day.  No resistance. The day began at 3.30am.  I woke up and lay in bed, unable to sleep.  Then I became aware of a faint rumbling, which at first I thought must be from tractors working late in the fields to sow whatever they were sowing, before the rains predicted for tomorrow arrive.  But it continued, gradually growing louder…