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21 day water fast: Day 21

I woke up into the darkness, with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude: for the universe, for Réka and the opportunity to be here – as well as for the fast itself.  I sat down to meditate, with the expanse of gratitude laid out as a back-drop to everything in my mind.  It felt and continues to feel like an inner smile expanding from all directions in and around my heart.  Everywhere, almost as if my body were breathing the mantra: ‘thank you, thank you, thank you…’

Living on water: the complete 3-day fasting program

Now available! Do you feel the need to cleanse, to try out water fasting but don’t know how to get started? Are you a little anxious about the whole thing? Living on water is a PDF / video bundle / online support forum which provides you with all you need to know in order to safely, successfully and smoothly carry out your first 3-day water fast. If you already have a little experience, there are plenty of additional tips to help you go deeper into water fasting. What you get: 100 page ebook (pdf): How to plan, prepare and practise a 3-day water fast 7 support videos (2+ hours viewing time): covering each day of the fast (3 videos) preparing you in the week before the fast begins (2 videos) helping you break the fast and return to eating (2 videos) 30-page pdf: Dealing with detox symptoms while fasting Bonus printouts including checklists, recipes and fasting journal Access to a password-protected online support forum. This is the place to ask questions or discuss problems with others …

Journal for the spring retreat, 7-day water fast: Day 4

Another beautiful day here in the forested hills above Hungary’s Lake Balaton… We’ve been so lucky with the weather – yet again! Last year, it had been raining for weeks before the retreat and then, like magic, the day the retreat started a long sunny spell moved in. This year too, showers had been predicted for every day, but so far it’s been wonderfully warm and sunny: perfect to enjoy the fresh air outside and even some gentle sunbathing in the garden. Today the plan is to take full advantage of the weather and head out on a major expedition: a 9 kilometre / 6 mile hike across the fields and through the forest. I scouted out the route on a run yesterday, and it really is perfect for a slow walk while water fasting, with good paths and nothing too steep. After an abbreviated morning sharing just to check that everyone was still alive and well :-), we left without further ado. Knowing that it’s natural for most people to walk comfortably at a …