Dealing with insomnia and sleep issues while water fasting

Almost everyone experiences major changes to the way they sleep while water fasting. In fact, many people find it one of the most disturbing aspects of fasting. It doesn’t have to be a source of concern, though, if you understand why these processes are taking place and what you can do to help get a good night’s sleep!┬áThis two-part video lecture explores both the situation as well as the possible solutions to insomnia and other sleep problems.

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Part I: The causes of insomnia while fasting

Part II: Practical solutions to insomnia while fasting

4 responses to “Dealing with insomnia and sleep issues while water fasting”

  1. Just been reading/listening through a few pages of the blog. I wish I found it sooner. So many of my symptoms just make sense now. Thank you for all the work it really helps a lot!

    1. Tallis Barker, D.Phil. Avatar
      Tallis Barker, D.Phil.

      Hi Kristin,
      Glad you’ve found the website useful!

  2. Excellent video. Just wondering as I am an insomniac and tested to have low melatonin level. I have tried all that you have advised. Sleepy when up and awake when laying down. Would oral melatonin or GABA be detrimental to the fast?

    1. Tallis Barker, D.Phil. Avatar
      Tallis Barker, D.Phil.

      Hi Rina,
      Thanks for sharing. Sorry to hear about the insomnia…
      I would suggest avoiding all hormones during your fast. It may make things harder to begin with, but you’ll give your body a chance to re-calibrate around a true zero point, which, given enough time, will almost certainly lead to your body naturally producing more melatonin after the fast. Most of my clients report better sleeping habits after 7-day fasts and longer – although in order to initiate a deeper hormonal reset, you’d need to be thinking somewhere in the region of 21 days or so.
      All the best,

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