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Dealing with insomnia and sleep issues while water fasting

Almost everyone experiences major changes to the way they sleep while water fasting. In fact, many people find it one of the most disturbing aspects of fasting. It doesn’t have to be a source of concern, though, if you understand why these processes are taking place and what you can do to help get a good night’s sleep! This two-part video lecture explores both the situation as well as the possible solutions to insomnia and other sleep problems. Please feel free to post comments at the bottom of the page if I haven’t answered any of your questions! Part I: Part I explores the various factors and issues which drive sleep patterns while fasting. Part II: Part II examines a whole array of practical solutions to sleep problems.  

Spring retreat 2019: 7-day water fast

10 day – 9 night retreat centred around a 7-day water fast: DATE: 26 April – 5 May 2019 (Friday afternoon – Sunday afternoon). LOCATION: Vászoly, close to Lake Balaton (Hungary), less than 2 hours from Budapest. (Transportation can be arranged from Budapest, see below) PRICE: 650 USD / 500GBP (see below for details) Maximum number of participants: 12. Currently 3 places left! Enquiries and registration: see application form below — If you are unable to attend but would like to organise your own fasting retreat for me to lead (in either Europe or the USA), please contact me using the application form below. About this retreat: Situated on the edge of a forest in the hills above Hungary’s Lake Balaton (pictured above), our accommodation offers the perfect setting for an extended water fast: a converted mill house on the edge of a forest, with a large garden, several acres of surrounding fields and a stream running through the property. There are also several natural springs in the vicinity, from which shall drink throughout the duration of …

Journal for the spring retreat, 7-day water fast: Day 2

As always, the day began at 4.45am with dawn yoga and meditation. I know that may sound shockingly early :-), but given the way that sleep patterns change during a fast, it actually makes a lot of sense. So often, people have a lot of trouble sleeping while fasting. Getting up before dawn for an hour of gentle stretching and meditation makes it much easier to go back to sleep again afterwards. I love waking up before everyone else, preparing the room with candles, as well as laying a path of candles through the garden, leading from the lower house where we sleep up to the upper house where we practise yoga. It’s a beautiful feeling to wake up in full darkness and follow the path of candles out through the night air and into our cozy common room for yoga. Then, having spent an hour together, we finish practice just as the sun is rising and the world is transformed into a blaze of morning colour. This morning the rain had long passed, and …