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Can I work out and exercise during a water fast?

A lot of people who ordinarily work out or exercise in everyday life are tempted to continue doing so while water fasting. Usually the reasons revolve around maintaining fitness and the fear of losing muscle mass. But is it wise to continue exercising after your body has exhausted its glycogen stores? Like it or not, there are potential dangers in doing so. This video takes a look at what is safe, what is not, and why.

Fasting as a means to improve athletic performance in endurance sports

I’m sitting down to write this having had breakfast for the first time in a week… Lately, I’ve been practising “intermittent fasting”, which revolves around lengthening the time between your last meal in the evening and your first meal the following day.  It’s one of several ways I involve fasting to improve my health – as well as my running.  In this case, you’re aiming for about a 16-hour “mini-fast” per day, which for all intensive purposes means skipping breakfast and eating at around lunchtime instead.  This means that all the food you eat on any given day takes place within about an eight-hour window.  There’s plenty of literature on intermittent fasting and its benefits in general, so I’d like to concentrate here instead on how fasting can benefit you as a runner or anyone involved in endurance sports. Quite simply, fasting means taking in no calories for a given duration. How can depriving yourself of breakfast on a regular basis – or even depriving yourself of all food for days on end – possibly …