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Is water fasting safe?

Many people are convinced that water fasting must be dangerous. Unfortunately, this is mostly based on fear, misinformation, and only a minimal number of actual cases. This video and newly expanded article examines all the facts through a variety of different issues, also covering the exceptional circumstances in which… (more below) water fasting really does become unsafe. Knowledge is power: so read on, gain the facts, and fast with confidence – not fear! Article sections: (1) Fears about fasting, (2) Is water fasting safe?, (3) Why water fasting is safe, (4) Fasting versus starving, (5) Discomfort versus danger, (6) Danger arises when brain overrides body, (7) People for whom fasting is dangerous, (8) Refeeding and eating, (9) Final thoughts 1. Fears about fasting Let’s get straight to the heart of the matter. Most people are afraid (or at least a little anxious) about giving up food. Fair enough, if you stop eating for too long, starvation is the only possible outcome. So when we hear wildly dramatic statements like: ‘if you water fast, you’ll die’, …

21 day water fast: one week follow up

A lot has happened physically over the last seven days.  My digestion is moving pretty smoothly again, though I’m lacking almost completely in appetite.  Already during the first two or three days following the fast, my stomach was working well, digesting and passing on food to the intestines.  From here, though, I could feel my intestines trying to draw out and absorb every last possible gram of nutrition.  In doing so, a kind of digestive traffic jam began to build up as my body slowed down the forward progress of food to achieve this goal…

21 day water fast: Day 21

I woke up into the darkness, with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude: for the universe, for Réka and the opportunity to be here – as well as for the fast itself.  I sat down to meditate, with the expanse of gratitude laid out as a back-drop to everything in my mind.  It felt and continues to feel like an inner smile expanding from all directions in and around my heart.  Everywhere, almost as if my body were breathing the mantra: ‘thank you, thank you, thank you…’